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Frac Sand Railcar Logistics

In the frac sand industry, not all companies have access to their own equipment such as railcars to properly and sufficiently handle operations from beginning to end. At Prime Sands, we’re different. iStock_000009012480_LargeWe provide it all – and precise railcar logistics coordination is another area of expertise. Effectively managing the acquisition, movement and storage of all frac sand is what we do. We also handle every operation from point of origin in Wisconsin to the destination site of Texas in the quickest manner possible to ensure order requirements. When it comes to unloading the frac sands from one of our railcars, we have relations with trans loaders who work with us and provide methods to manage and supervise the operation. With us, nothing is overlooked and keeping the supply to your company with the sand it needs is what we guarantee.

Delivery and Transport

Prime Sands understands the importance of timely frac wagons of a freight train in motion go to horizon under bridgesand and barite delivery in the drilling market. Armed with several seasoned transportation and logistics partners, we provide customers with confidence in knowing their product will be available when needed.

Railcar Transportation
Prime Sands, LLC has its own leased rail cars in order to deliver the product to its customers throughout the US market and has an abundance of rail cars to meet our customers’ demands. Our management team is in constant contact with our customers to ensure their needs are being met.

Barge Transport
With a diversified logistics network, we transport product via the intra-coastal river way. Each barge is inspected and certified for cleanliness, loaded to meet draft restrictions and covered for transport to our destination river storage.

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