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Frac Sand & Oil Sand Products

At Prime Sands, we take pride in the fact that we not only dry process our own frac sand but utilize our own railcars to ensure a constant supply of sand on hand at all times. Mined in Wisconsin and brought down to the major shale plays in Texas, we play a major role in supplying companies with the exact type of sand they need, when they need it. We offer off a wide variety including:

  • 20/40 7k
  • 30/50 8k
  • 40/70 9k
  • 100 Mesh
  • Northern White
  • Ottawa White

Frac Sand

Our frac sand is top rated, consistent performers in the field. With excellent grade, crush strength, long-term conductivity & permeability performance results, our “northern white” products will meet the industry standard requirements. We can supply the industry needs across the board.

We provide the following grades:

  • 20/40
  • 30/50
  • 30/70
  • 40/70
  • 100 Mesh


Barite or Barium Sulphate (BaSO4) is an inert mineral named after the Greek word ‘barus’ meaning heavy. It is usually colorless or milky white, but can be almost any color depending on the impurities trapped in the crystals during their formation.

Pure barite has a specific gravity of 4.50 and its principal use is in the manufacture of oil well drilling fluids. In practice the material used in drilling fluids runs between 4.10 and 4.25 specific gravity. Currently, over 75% of barite consumption in the U.S. is for this drilling application. However, the consumption in drilling “mud” fluctuates from year to year depending on the amount of oil and gas exploration.

The functions of a drilling fluid are;

  • To clean cuttings from the well bottom.
  • Flush those cuttings to the surface.
  • Cool and lubricate the drill bit.
  • Deposit a “ filter cake’ layer on the wellbore wall to prevent loss of the circulating fluid.
  • Prevent formation fluids entering the borehole and mixing with circulating fluids.
  • Support the walls of the well bore without damaging the formation.
  • Control pressures under the surface.

Reasons for barite’s use over other materials:

  • Neutrality – chemically, physically and magnetically neutral
  • Environmentally acceptable from the standpoint of its disposal as part of the drilling fluid.
  • Far less abrasive than other materials and does little damage to drilling equipment.
  • Low cost

Prime Sands, LLC supplies quality-controlled minerals in line with industry requirements by working closely with both its suppliers and customers. APM has developed an extensive network of customers, particularly in the oil and gas industry in the US and Mexico. Prime Sands works with its customers on a long-term basis thanks to reliability of supply, a high level of customer service and competitively priced products. It is thanks to this well-established network that Prime Sands can quickly identify customers for mining companies and provide them with the marketing and sales capability they require to take their product to market.

Barite Chemical Grade

Chemical grade barite is used to produce all barium-containing compounds and barium salts for a variety of chemical applications.

Grade 1:

BaSO495% min
Specific Gravity4.30 min
SiO21.5% max
Fe2O30.3% max
Size0-200mm, 90% min

Grade 2:

BaSO496% min
Specific Gravity4.35 min
SiO21.5% max
Fe2O30.3% max
Size0-200mm, 90% min

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